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How to Build Team Spirit in Your Workplace
09.08.2018 14:22

In tough times, building team spirit is crucial for business survival

Economic recession is everywhere and people are going to work feeling anxious and worried about their jobs. These feelings affect workplace relationships negatively, leading to conflict and low morale. Thus, it is important to keep the team spirit alive to create a harmonious working environment.

Here are some solid tips to foster better workplace team spirit.

Begin with yourself. Throw out all negative thoughts and adopt a positive attitude in the workplace. Don’t dwell on things you dislike about your teammates. Instead, focus of what you like about them and use that to address the areas where you would like to see improvement. The more you know your colleagues, the better you can strengthen relationships with them.

Shared vision. Every company and team must have a common goal to work for. A shared cause to achieve something will pull everyone together, align their interests and work along side-by-side to accomplish it. Does your team have a mission statement? If not, discuss about it and make one today. A common vision will also differentiate you from your competitors. Research has proved that successful companies are those with employees who live by these values everyday.

Well done, mate! Give the person a pat on his back when he has done well or achieved something. Make it your goal to praise them when they did well and encourage them when the situation is tough. They will appreciate and feel valued. Go the extra distance for your colleagues and the enthusiasm will infect everyone to push beyond the finishing line.

Bonding time. Don’t restrain your interaction with your colleagues within office hours. Go out together outside office regularly to have fun with the people you see everyday. Socializing over the dining table or a farm trip will provide good conversation flowing and foster deeper understanding of each other. Let a different person organize the gathering each time. That will tell you what each of your teammates likes to do in their spare time.

Building up team spirit doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. All it takes is a willing attitude to connect sincerely with everyone involves and a desire to work along side and help each other to achieve the common goals. In short, there is no magic formula, it just takes commitment from everyone and put it into practice everyday.

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